About Stayfit

Dr. L. M. P. Rweyemamu

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Quality Herbal/Nutraceutical Products. Stayfit Nutrisupplies Company Limited is a versatile company founded and managed by Dr. Leonard Rweyemamu, who is also academic staff at the University of Dar es Salaam, department of Food Science and Technology. The Company was incorporated under Companies Act of 2002 with certificate of incorporation number 95686 in Dar es Salaam on 5th December 2012.
Our Company aims to steadily expand capacity as well as client base by offering genuine and unadulterated functional foods and nutraceutical products We use natural ingredients to make our products. We focus on quality and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction, both in the products we offer and in the service that follows. By combining traditional and scientific knowledge our company is striving to build up expertise and excellence in the utilization of plants and crops to develop food or nutraceutical ingredients which can enhance health beyond pure nutritive value. These are food and beverage products with the power to heal, keeping good health of body functions, ageing, rejuvenating, immunomodulation, and prevention and/or treatment against diseases. We strongly believe that increased consumption of such foods may decrease the risk of certain types of chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, general sight degeneration and many more!

Our products are for those people who are looking for alternative medical therapies from natural herbals (nutraceuticals) for treatment and prevention of diseases for wellness and longevity. They are for those who want to shift to self-medication and to healthy foods, those who want to avoid escalating costs associated with healthcare, and risks of ineffective medicines or adulterated and fake products.

Using proprietary methods devoted to maintaining availability, stability and efficacy of bioactive components throughout the value chain, our products are made from carefully selected nutraceutical plants and organically cultivated crops, including moringa oleifera, aloe vera species, neem, cereals and legumes such soybeans, and other herbals.

You are sincerely welcome to our website to discover products that will make you and your family live a healthy and active life.